Life Lessons Learned you must read

For some people life is never easy and when it is uneasy, it teaches a lot of things. In the beginning , you cry and curse when unacceptable or intolerable things are happening but eventually, its making you stronger day by day. If you ask me the life lessons meaning, i’d say it can be anything that you learn from the new and unique experiences as well as chapters of life. Some of the life lessons learned by me are:

1. Everything happens for a reason.
I hate saying this but yaa it’s true. You won’t be able to understand the reason that time when things are happening but later you’ll realize. This is one of the traditional life lessons quote and trust me it will help you in remain positive in the bad times and give you positivity.

2. You’re your only supporter whom you can trust.
When bad times come, it is you only whom you can trust to support yourself to get out of the moment. I have personally experienced this in my life, when you really need someone, most of the people turn their backs off.

3. Money is very powerful
Undoubtedly, it is a truth. Money is very powerful. When you’re in awful situation and suppose you need money, no one is actually going to help you whom you used to believe. People have become mean with respect to money these days. It is said that if you want to break your relationship with someone, give him money. Simple. But on the other hand you must have good source to earn money so that no situation arises to ask from someone.

4. Everything is temporary.
Don’t love something too much that when it breaks, it hurts a lot. Don’t hold things and relationships so rightly otherwise it can break. We always keep a image that things will remain the same as it were few years ago. This is not actually true. When you learn to accept the changes, your half of the problems will disappear.

5. Anger is harmful
Trust me, I have experienced the worst form of anger and it’s devastating. If possible do avoid it and try to work on this. Develop patience and tolerance. These are the attributes of the stronger people. Anger can cause your relationships as well as health. Do try to control it and eventually you’ll realise it is one of the most important life lessons learned by you in your lifetime.

6. Earning & Saving is must
A good source of income must be there in your life. No matter what you earn, you should always save. Noone is going to help you with financial matters. You have to earn for yourself as well as family. Do it. You must have some amount of money for unforseen situations and always hide some money from everyone that is close to you. May be this hidden money can save your day.

7. Say NO to loan and YES to investing
If possible, do not stuck yourself in the debt trap. It awful and devastating as well. It gives you a lot of tension and major portion of your income will go into EMIs etc. Rather, try to invest in different things such as gold, mutual funds, insurance, securities, etc. These two things will save your life.

8. Health is wealth
Well, there is no intention to put it in the end but it should be your first most priority. I hope this lesson we have learnt by the covid19 pandemic. If you’re rich but not healthy then your money is useless. Never sacrifice your health for anything.

So that’s it.

These are the most fundamental life lessons learned by me in my entire life. Well, life is beautiful and try to live it to the fullest. Every day is a new chapter and try to learn something new everyday from your experiences. I hope these will be useful lessons for you as well.

Stay happy.

16 thoughts on “Life Lessons Learned you must read

  1. Very nice stage of life to be in. I remember those days well… they lasted fifty or so years for me…it’s been a rough ride to phase three, but more than worth it to level up. Go get your money, and come talk to me later when the ultimate realization strikes.

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